New IRC report highlights the world’s failure to address the ever-worsening humanitarian catastrophe in Sudan

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International Rescue Committee
International Rescue Committee
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Every year, IRC publishes its Emergency Watchlist, an assessment of the 20 countries at greatest risk of new humanitarian emergencies each year. Its 2024 Watchlist identified Sudan as the humanitarian crisis most at risk of deteriorating this year, an assessment that is unfortunately proving to be accurate: Sudan is already the world’s worst displacement crisis and is rapidly becoming the world’s worst hunger crisis.
On June 25 2024, IRC released a mid-year Crisis Alert on Sudan. The new report illustrates the trajectory of a country in freefall and highlights how military decision makers, regional powers, and the international community have all failed the people of Sudan. It analyses why the conflict has continued to escalate and spread, outlines how severe constraints on humanitarian access contribute to a response that is failing to meet needs, and provides recommendations to drive an urgently needed diplomatic and humanitarian course correction. The report pushes for tilting of scales towards peace, not more war, and an overall reset of the humanitarian response.
IRC hopes that you will find this report useful, and please do not hesitate to reach out if you'd like to discuss it with them in further detail. Please also feel free to share it widely with colleagues.
In case of any questions, please feel free to reach out to Anne-Marie Schryer-Roy, Regional Advocacy Coordinator, East Africa, International Rescue Committee [email protected]
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25 June 2024