NGOs in South Sudan appeal for funding to support rising humanitarian needs due to the Sudan Crisis

The humanitarian crisis continues to worsen as more people flee the fighting in Sudan, with several thousand individuals, mainly returnees and refugees, crossing over to South Sudanese border areas (as per IOM/UNHCR Population Movement from Sudan to South Sudan).
Despite efforts by IOM, UNHCR and some NGOs at the border areas to keep track of the people entering South Sudan in dire need of assistance, the NGO community is expressing worries that the number is already over 50,000 and more people are arriving than agencies are projecting. NGOs fear that the situation is likely; to exacerbate the worrying humanitarian situation-where, an estimated 9.4 million people in South Sudan, including 2.2 million women, 4.9 million children and 337,000 refugees, are projected to need humanitarian assistance and protection services as per the South Sudan Humanitarian Response Plan 2023.