NGO Forum Writing Contest for university Students in South Sudan 2022

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The Writing Contest is an initiative of the South Sudan NGO Forum Communications and Advocacy Working Group (CAWG), whose objectives are; to improve the capacity of CAWG members, and to provide principled and effective communication. The NGO Forum Comms and Advocacy WG, through the writing contest specifically, seeks to nurture the next breed of South Sudanese writers who can tell stories in the South Sudanese way to the global audience & respond to the humanitarian and development needs of South Sudan. An opportunity designed to benefit South Sudanese students studying in South Sudan-based institutions, with a plan in place to include South Sudanese studying outside the country.
We are looking for potential creative writers who display the ability to think outside the box that is, those who provide something other than formulaic answers to the selected theme and can do so in a novel or unusual way. The essay should be about the chosen topic/theme rather than diverting to something else.
The essay should be written in English which is understandable and does not hinder a reader’s ability to comprehend. However, those that display an incredible use of vocabulary, clever ideas, mature style, and advanced English, will have an added advantage.