South Sudan Knowledge Network



The South Sudan Knowledge Network is an information platform where research on South Sudan is collected and housed. It is a one stop shop for research conducted on South Sudan that is available for public access. It does not include private journals or private research databases.

Researchers, institutions, non-governmental organizations, government departments and others are encouraged to submit completed research to the South Sudan Knowledge Network should they wish to share research papers publicly and at no cost. Similarly, they are encouraged to use the database for their own research initiatives.

The platform allows all types of academic research, studies and assessments conducted by universities, independent researchers, organizations and institutions to be placed on the platform, however papers must have a South Sudan or regional relevance.

The aim of the platform is to develop a virtual library of resources on South Sudan that grows over time owing to contributions by users.

The database will be downloaded periodically and submitted to the University of Juba main library. This enables students and academics to access the database offline, through the library borrowing system and provides access to research papers without needing to pay costly fees to undertake hours of research on the internet

Published Author(s) Sort descending Title Topics
2011 Southern Sudan Medical Journal vol 4. no 1
2016 Dr. Jaïr van der Lijn Scenarios for South Sudan in 2020 Humanitarian Response
2002 Abdel Ghaffar M. Ahmed Sudanese Trade in Black Ivory: Opening Old Wounds
2014 Abraham A. Awolich What is South Sudan’s Wisdom Courting Russia?
2014 Abraham A. Awolich The Question of Ugandan Troops in South Sudan
2014 Abraham A. Awolich Diplomacy: A Key to Ending the Worsening Crisis in South Sudan
2014 Abraham A. Awolich The Replacement of South Sudan Army Chief and its Implications
2013 Abubakaro.Sulaiman & Agoha,Ifeanyi Chuckwu South Sudan Negotiated Independence: A Critique of African Union’s Role
2011 Achim Wennmann Economic Issues in Sudan’s North-South Peace Process
2014 Adam E. Ahmed, Somaia Roghim & Ali Saleh Pathways out of poverty in South Sudan, the case of Renk County
2010 Adele Harmer and Ellen Martin Diversity in donorship Field lessons
2007 Al-Amin Abu-Manga The ‘Indigenous Languages’ in the Current Post-Civil War Interim Constitution of the Sudan: The Political and the Practical
2016 Alex de Waal Making Sense of South Sudan
2012 Ali Jammaa Abdalla People to people diplomacy in a pastoral system: A case from Sudan and South Sudan
2014 American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative Assessment of Justice, Accountability and Reconciliation Measures in South Sudan Law
2016 Augustino Ting Mayai The Proliferating Rebellion in South Sudan: Its Explanations and Implications Conflict
2014 Augustino Ting Mayai How the Federal System of Government is Misunderstood in South Sudan
2014 Augustino Ting Mayai & Augustino Ting Mayai South Sudan’s National Security Bill: Merits and Public Reactions
2014 Augustino Ting Mayai & Hollyn Hammond The Impacts of Violence on Education in South Sudan Education
2014 Augustino Ting Mayai Jok Madut Jok South Sudan’s National Security Bill: Merits and Public Reactions